Ancestress Awakening - Ancestral Healing & Empowerment for Women in Midlife

Are you a woman in midlife who has found yourself asking...
Who am I?
Why am I here?
Who am I meant to be?

Maybe you realize you have lost yourself trying to please others and be the person you thought others expected you to be.
Maybe you’ve gone through a change in your life, like your kids leaving home or losing a spouse or parent, and you don’t know who you are anymore now that who you thought you were has changed.  

And maybe, deep down, you believe that who you were wasn’t good enough anyway.  

If you are like I was, you realize now that you want to start putting your own needs first for a change, start doing things that make yourself happy, and make the most of your life while you’re still young enough to enjoy it.  

You want to discover your true self, without worrying what anyone else has to say about it.  

 But, the problem is, you have no idea where to start.

Who are you supposed to be if you're not being who others expect you to be?

Hi! I'm Cyndie Kramer

As an Ancestral Healing & Empowerment Coach, I encourage women in midlife who feel a calling to do more with their lives, to find the courage to follow a new path without worrying what anyone else will think about them. 

With the spiritual support of your female ancestors, I guide you to uncover the unique gifts you were born with and release the inherited patterns that hold you back from sharing them, so you can finally live a life that feels authentic, fulfilling, and meaningful. 

But what do your female ancestors have to do with finding yourself?

I believe that the reason many women in midlife end up feeling this way is because of expectations and behaviors that are passed down from our female ancestors - our mothers, grandmothers and great-grandmothers.

For example:
 Societal expectations that they tried to teach us; 
 Personal expectations of who they wanted us to be; 
 Behaviors we mimicked after watching them; 
 Behaviors we adopted in reaction to how they treated us. 

And many of these were things that were passed along from generation to generation

But it goes deeper than that. 

We also received experiences from our female ancestors, both genetically and spiritually, that we may not even be aware of. 

Pieces of who they were and what they went though, both positive and negative, got passed down to us through our DNA and through our souls, and these became parts of who we were meant to be

So, if you want to know who you really are,
you need to know about the women who came before you.

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My Story

Even though it has been less than a decade since I turned 40, I feel like a completely different woman today than I was then. 

While on the surface I had a great life - a loving husband, healthy kids, a comfortable home - I still felt like something was missing inside me.

I was trying to be everything to everyone - a good wife, a good mother, a good daughter. But I didn't feel like I was doing very well at any of it.

And I felt like I lost myself in the process.

So what changed for me? 

It was learning about my family history, particularly the women, that led me to the path of self-discovery and healing that helped me discover who I really am.

While I had always been interested in family history, I had known almost nothing about my dad’s side of the family.  

I started doing genealogical research and as I learned more about my grandmother and great-grandmothers, I was amazed to discover that even though I had never met them, I was actually very similar to them and had gone through some of the same emotionally difficult experiences.  

After learning more about the stories of the other women in my family line, I recognized behaviors and relationship patterns that had repeated generation after generation through them, which I had also gone through in my own life.  

I gained not only a new sense of identity and belonging but also a greater understanding of who I am and where I came from, and I finally felt whole, complete and worthy.   

Most importantly, I learned that everything I had been looking for had been inside of me all along.

This knowing has had such a profound impact in transforming my own life, I just had to find a way to help other women do the same.

Combining ancestral energy healing practices, spiritual life coaching and expert genealogy research,  I can help you: 

✨ connect with your ancestresses,

✨ release the inherited patterns that are holding you back, 

claim the ancestral gifts you are meant to share with the world, and 

✨ become a legacy for the generations who follow you. 

It's your time - discover your true self and become the woman you were born to be!


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"My mom had passed away just 4 months before, and I was feeling lost, confused, angry, and trapped in life, as well as work. Since working with Cyndie I've been putting my self-limiting beliefs behind me, and charting a new course to find my real passion in life. I'm so set in my ways, and hate to disappoint people so I feel I have to continue the way things are ... but now I'm trying to break free and stop holding myself back, because of Cyndie."

"2020 had been a difficult year for everyone and I was hoping for guidance to help me navigate the coming year. This resonated with me on many levels, both in the insights into my present life (upheaval within my family, disconnection from the spiritual world and subsequently looking for fulfillment in material things) and my future aspirations of rediscovering my spiritual side and stepping into my own power and self expression. I found Cyndie empathetic and very easy to talk to, I would highly recommend her."
“That’s amazing Cyndie! I don’t know what we can do to thank you for this. You have no idea what it means to us. I would recommend you to anyone! I just can’t believe how helpful you have been. What this means to us, especially given his awful adoption experience, you will never believe. We are so grateful to you for everything you’ve done!”
"Cyndie has simplified my career, relationships and future plan for the upcoming year. I really love her gentle approach and she has picked up on something that has been bothering me, and that really surprised me. I followed her advice of being patient and just taking the step by step approach. I recommend her to anyone and I wish her the best."
On this episode of the Not Your Average Lives podcast, host Laurie Wright and I discuss my story of finding myself through my family history and how I'm now helping other women do the same.
Organizer and participant of the Follow Your Soul Path giveaway, a collection of over 15 free resources to help women find and follow their soul path.
Workshop presenter for the Passion & Purpose in Action Women's Empowerment Summit , session titled "Finding Your Purpose Through Your Family Herstory"

Download your Free Guide:
3 Surprising Ways
Your Ancestresses Influence Your Soul Purpose